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Nancy M. Kelly, B.S., CPDT-KA
Certified Professional Dog Trainer
Behavior Consultant
Pasadena, Texas
​Nancy M. Kelly
  • B.S. in Biology from Texas A&M University
  • CPDT-KA from CCPDT, Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers
  • Professional Member of APDT, Association of Professional Dog Trainers 
  • 25 years of experience professionally training dogs and teaching people
  • 5 years of experience as a Veterinary Technician
Writing and Teaching
2018: Wrote a new training manual for raising and training foster dogs inside a facility housing and rehabilitating troubled adolescent girls, with an emphasis on staff learning to manage and interact appropriately with the dogs, residents learning to train and groom the dogs as vocations, and using low-stress handling techniques to produce high-quality pet dogs that are easily adopted and fare well in a family environment. Additional emphasis was on using some of the dogs to participate in therapy sessions with the residents. 

2018: Conducted a number of workshops with staff of the above facility to prepare them for bringing dogs onto the site. Workshops included Reading Dogs, Low-stress Handling for Grooming and Husbandry (both lecture and hands-on practice,) Emergency Response, Preventing Bad Associations for Dogs, and Introduction to Animal Training lecture and hands-on practice. I also conducted training classes and workshops for residents and staff together.

Training Positions
1990 – Present: Independent Dog Training Business Owner: I see clients on an individual basis to teach basic dog manners, competition behaviors, and service dog training. I conduct Public Access Tests for service and therapy dogs. I work with “behavior cases,” including aggression, fear, phobias, and more. I work closely with the local veterinary behaviorist and several veterinarians. I evaluate dogs, write training plans and reports, and consult on behavior with pet-sitting services, rescue groups, shelters, and veterinary clinics. I estimate I have worked with some hundreds of dogs and their owners over the years, in addition to many unowned shelter dogs, and a service dog I trained at my home from 2010 – 2011 and then placed with a working handler who continues to use him as a service dog today. I have also done the foundation work with a hearing dog at my home before placing her. I have worked with a few student interns along the way, instructing them in behavior principles and training skills.

6 trainers have attended all 10 of the Art & Science of Animal Training Conferences! 5 are pictured here, including me, with Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz, Alexandra Kurland, Steve White, and Ken Ramirez in recognition.
The presenters at the 10th Annual Art & Science of Animal Training Conference with the University of North Texas students who organize the conference.
2000 – Present: Consultant with English Springer Rescue America; I consult on behavior issues in several states using video, phone conversations, email, and sometimes in-person visits to gather information necessary for using standard procedures to evaluate foster dogs showing aggression, fear, and other behavior issues, working on a team to determine outcome of these dogs. In the process, I teach regional coordinators to refer to results and conclusions of research available to them to allow a logical assessment process.

​Education and Titles
November, 2011: Earned CPDT-KA certification, certificate number 2112795. 

2001 – Present: I participated in all of Bob Bailey’s Operant Conditioning Workshops, some of them twice. I travelled to Hot Springs, Arkansas; Borlange, Sweden; and Columbia, Maryland to study with Bob. I actively pursue other continuing education opportunities as well.

August, 1984: Bachelor of Science Degree, Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.

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Candy Powell
  • Over 25 years of experience professionally training dogs and teaching people
  • Many years of experience riding, showing, and training horses
  • Ribbons and placements in a variety of dog sports, hunting, and showing
  • One year experience as a Veterinary Technician

Candy Powell has over 25 years of experience in teaching people to work with their dogs and in training dogs for obedience, agility, conformation, service dog work, hunting, and for behaving as well-mannered pets. She has studied for over 200 hours with Bob Bailey, and many hours with other prominent animal trainers, attending conferences and continuing education every year. 

Candy spent many years riding, training and showing her paint horses and rode Thoroughbred race horses for a top-winning racing farm. She worked as a veterinary technician for a while and continues to learn about canine nutrition, care, and husbandry on her own. 

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