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Nancy M. Kelly, B.S., CPDT-KA
Certified Professional Dog Trainer
Behavior Consultant
Pasadena, Texas
  • B.S. in Biology from Texas A&M University
  • CPDT-KA from CCPDT, Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers
  • Professional Member of APDT, Association of Professional Dog Trainers 
  • 25 years of experience professionally training dogs and teaching people
  • 5 years of experience as a Veterinary Technician
Continuing Education
March 23 - 25, 2018 The Art & Science of Animal Training Conference Dallas, TX

May, 2018 3-day invitational workshop on Teaching and Coaching with 
Bob Bailey, ScD and Elisabeth Catalano in Columbia, MD

November, 2018 2-day public workshop on Teaching and Coaching with 
Bob Bailey, ScD and Elisabeth Catalano in Columbia, MD

Feb 25-26 2017 The Art & Science of Animal Training Conference, Dallas TX 

Feb 20-21 2016 The Art & Science of Animal Training Conference, Dallas TX

March 14, 2015 The Art & Science of Animal Training Conference, Denton, Texas 8 hours

March 22, 2014 The Art & Science of Animal Training Conference, Denton, Texas ~8 hours

June 12-16, 2013 Discrimination Operant Conditioning Workshop, 40 hours. Bob Bailey & 
Parvene Farhoody Columbia, Maryland

February 8-11, 2013 Alexandra Kurland Horse Training Workshop Tomball, Texas ~24 hours

February 2, 2013 The Art & Science of Animal Training Conference, Denton, Texas, ~8 hours

January 5, 2013 Mary Kay Hasseman: Introduction to Clicker Training with Horses 

August 1-5, 2012 Teaching Operant Conditioning Workshop 40 hours, Bob Bailey Borlange, Sweden

March 10, 2012 The Art & Science of Animal Training Conference, Denton, Texas, ~8 hours
• Ken Ramirez: Lessons from the Aquatic World
• Steve Aibel: What is Balance?
• Kay Laurence: Target, Lure or Free-shape? What Difference Does it Make?
• Alexandra Kurland: “Give Me a Break: How to Give Breaks Without Giving Breaks”
• Steve White: “Your Results May Vary: The How & Why of Choosing Training Tools &Techniques”
• Phung Luu: Using Fixed Action Patterns to Influence Behaviors
• Bob Bailey: Looking for Advanced Dog Training? Try “Simple Dog Training” for a Change
• Joe Layng: How we Talk About and Teach What We Do
• Panel Discussion with all speakers.

September 3 - 4, 2011 John & Darlene Barnard: Tracking Beyond TD 

August 27, 2011 Jean Donaldson: Canine Counseling in the Age of Whispering ~8 hours

August 6-7, 2011 Bob Bailey & Terry Long: Think-Plan-Do Anaheim, CA 2 days

June 18, 2011 The Assistance Dog Club of Puget Sound: “It Doesn’t Have to Be a Mountain” Simple Solutions for Service Dog Issues ~8 hour
February 19, 2011 The Art & Science of Animal Training Conference, Denton, Texas, ~8 hours
• Dr. Paul Andronis: Evolutionary Theory & the Analysis of Animal Behavior: Some Implications & Applications
• Phung Luu: Shaping Behaviors: Error-reduced Teaching & Behavioral Development; Finding the Balance
• Kay Laurence: Creative Criteria
• Alexandra Kurland: Hierarchies of Reinforcement
• Steve White: “Raising the Bar”, A Practitioner’s Guide to Systematically Improving 6 Dimensions of Fluency
• Ken Ramirez: Conservation Connection: Training to Save Wildlife
• Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz and Bob Bailey and others-Panel Discussion

November 20 - 21, 2010 Jim Barry: Beginner Gun Dog Workshop, Driftwood, Texas, 10.5 CEUs

November 12-14, 2010 Ian Dunbar: Science-based Training with Feeling, Houston, Texas 3 days

October 10, 2010 Ken Ramirez: Reinforcement Strategies
Managing for Performance-Using Positive Reinforcement in the Workplace
Galveston, Texas 4.5 hours

February 6, 2010 The Art & Science of Animal Training Conference, Denton, Texas, ~8 hours
• Dr. Robert Epstein: Engineering Complex & Novel Behavior in Animals
• Bob Bailey: Innovation: A Case History
• Alexandra Kurland: What Horses Teach Us About Cues: The Loopy Training Strategy
• Kay Laurence: Assessment: Love it or Hate it, It Makes You Grow
• Steve Martin: Training Outside the (Skinner) Box Outcomes
• Ken Ramirez: Wanted: Animal Training Consultant-Those Good With Animals Need Not Apply!
• Panel Discussion with all speakers.

November 20-22, 2009 Ian Dunbar: Dominance, Fighting, Biting, Compliance & Punishment
• Raising the Bar in Dog Training
• Training Puppies & Adult Dogs Austin, Texas ~24 hours

March 20, 2009 The Art & Science of Animal Training Conference, Denton, Texas, ~8 hours
• Steve Martin: The Art of Training
• Steve White: Skinner and World Collide! Film at 11:00
• Alexandra Kurland: Going Micro: The Evolution of Equine Clicker Training
• Kay Laurence: Reinforcement Patterns, Reinforcement Styles & How They Affect the Outcomes
• Ken Ramirez: Evolution of the Zoo Trainer: A Personal Perspective
• Panel Discussion with all speakers.

January 17-18, 2009 Clicker Expo, Marble Falls, Texas 2 days 12 hours
• Ken Ramirez: Working for the Joy of It
• Morten Egtvedt & Cecilie Koste: Reliability? Thy Name is back-chaining
• Ken Ramirez: Left or Right? Modifier Cues & How to Teach Them
• Steve & Jen White: No Problem! In Action
• Jesus Rosales-Ruiz: The Poisoned Cue Anew
• Steve & Jen White: The Nose Knows-Keys to Reliable Scent Discrimination

January 19, 2008 Bob Bailey at the SPCA in Houston, Texas ~4 hours

November 12-13, 2007 Susan Garrett Advances in Dog Training 2 days
January 26-27, 2007 Kay Laurence 2 days

August 9-13, 2004 Bob Bailey, Chaining Operant Conditioning Workshop 40 hours Hot Springs, Arkansas

July 8 - 14, 2004 Bob Bailey, Criteria & Cueing Operant Conditioning Workshop 56 hours Hot Springs, Arkansas

July 12 - 16, 2003 Bob Bailey, Discrimination Operant Conditioning Workshop 40 hours Hot Springs, Arkansas

1992 Ian Dunbar 2 days

1992 Janice DeMello 2 days

1992 Anne Marie Silverton 2 days
 Bonnie Baker 
 Janet Fridge

~1985: 3 hours in Toxicology from University of Houston at Clear Lake, Texas

August, 1984: Bachelor of Science Degree, Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences (Now called Wildlife Biology) From Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

Writing and Teaching
2018: Wrote a new training manual for raising and training foster dogs inside a facility housing and rehabilitating troubled adolescent girls, with an emphasis on staff learning to manage and interact appropriately with the dogs, residents learning to train and groom the dogs as vocations, and using low-stress handling techniques to produce high-quality pet dogs that are easily adopted and fare well in a family environment. Additional emphasis was on using some of the dogs to participate in therapy sessions with the residents. 

2018: Conducted a number of workshops with staff of the above facility to prepare them for bringing dogs onto the site. Workshops included Reading Dogs, Low-stress Handling for Grooming and Husbandry (both lecture and hands-on practice,) Emergency Response, Preventing Bad Associations for Dogs, and Introduction to Animal Training lecture and hands-on practice. I also conducted training classes and workshops for residents and staff together.

2017: Created and taught Leashwork Workshop to approximately 8 trainers so far; more events are scheduled. Workshop was approved for 4 CEUs by CCPDT. Lecture and hands-on activities with dogs not familiar to students teach applying behavior principles to training dogs and teaching humans, mechanical reinforcement skills, creating training plans, splitting out individual skills for both dogs and humans.

2016 – 2017: Created and taught Introduction to Animal Training Workshop to approximately 16 dog trainers so far; more events are scheduled. Workshop was approved for 4 CEUs by CCPDT. 2 hours lecture on historic and academic basis for animal training including Pavlov, Skinner, Herrnstein and other pioneers; behavior terminology; planning; making decisions; shaping and recordkeeping. Also includes introduction of a training plan for service dogs applicable to other working dogs and pets, beginning with basic manners through public access skills to foundational behaviors for task work. 2 hours of people training people, practicing reinforcement skills using small objects, clickers, and pennies as reinforcers with trainer, trainee, and observer. Skills include placement and speed of reinforcement without and with clickers, training a behavior using a plan with feedback from an observer, and putting the behavior on cue.

2016: Wrote and published a training manual for Give Us Paws describing a new program for training service dogs with emphasis on behavior principles, accurate planning and documentation, and uniform training procedures among trainers and handlers. Includes specific protocols and schedules with focus on efficient and effective training. 

Training Positions
1990 – Present: Independent Dog Training Business Owner: I see clients on an individual basis to teach basic dog manners, competition behaviors, and service dog training. I conduct Public Access Tests for service and therapy dogs. I work with “behavior cases,” including aggression, fear, phobias, and more. I work closely with the local veterinary behaviorist and several veterinarians. I evaluate dogs, write training plans and reports, and consult on behavior with pet-sitting services, rescue groups, shelters, and veterinary clinics. I estimate I have worked with some hundreds of dogs and their owners over the years, in addition to many unowned shelter dogs, and a service dog I trained at my home from 2010 – 2011 and then placed with a working handler who continues to use him as a service dog today. I have also done the foundation work with a hearing dog at my home before placing her. I have worked with a few student interns along the way, instructing them in behavior principles and training skills.

2000 – Present: Consultant with English Springer Rescue America; I consult on behavior issues in several states using video, phone conversations, email, and sometimes in-person visits to gather information necessary for using standard procedures to evaluate foster dogs showing aggression, fear, and other behavior issues, working on a team to determine outcome of these dogs. In the process, I teach regional coordinators to refer to results and conclusions of research available to them to allow a logical assessment process.

December 2015 – Present: Behavior consultant for BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions; I currently continue to consult on behavior topics with staff at BARC, and I'm working on a thesis documenting the behavior program we developed there.

March 2016 to June 2018: Training Coordinator and Trainer for Give Us Paws
I work with ~10 individual handlers and their dogs; training ~15 trainers in the organization’s training program and other topics to help them improve their training skills. I researched and developed an evaluation for potential service dogs and will be teaching it to trainers. I conduct and write reports on evaluations, consult with other trainers encountering challenges in their training, and am developing a trainer incentive program for the organization. 

July 2014 – November 2015: Behavior Specialist for BARC Animal Shelter & Adoptions. I developed a behavior program for the organization, including animal handling policies and procedures, interpretation of dog and cat body language, stress reduction, behavior management, intake procedures, and temperament evaluation. I trained approximately 40 Animal Caretaker, Veterinary Technician, and Animal Control Officer staff in animal handling, behavior modification, and using a uniform process of human behavior to reduce bite incidents and shelter animal stress. I trained hundreds of shelter dogs and cats, taught approximately 200 adopters with their dogs in group classes and individual consultations, consulted with many foster and rescue group volunteers, and trained and assisted ~ 100 shelter volunteers in proper handling techniques. I wrote hundreds of reports on behavioral observations.

Education and Titles
November, 2011: Earned CPDT-KA certification, certificate number 2112795. 

2001 – Present: I participated in all of Bob Bailey’s Operant Conditioning Workshops, some of them twice. I travelled to Hot Springs, Arkansas; Borlange, Sweden; and Columbia, Maryland to study with Bob. I actively pursue other continuing education opportunities as well.

August, 1984: Bachelor of Science Degree, Wildlife & Fisheries Sciences from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.

6 trainers have attended all 10 of the Art & Science of Animal Training Conferences! 5 are pictured here, including me, with Dr. Jesus Rosales-Ruiz, Alexandra Kurland, Steve White, and Ken Ramirez in recognition.
The presenters at the 10th Annual Art & Science of Animal Training Conference with the University of North Texas students who organize the conference.